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Cantik Mala Collection - A Story Of Love

The Manaka Collection has been revamped, reimagined, and redesigned with the addition of my new sub-brand, VoodouArt

VoodouArt tells a story of my whirlwind adventures being a muse to many artists that I am honoured to be. 

In an attempt to marry my love for Art, with my flair for creating garments & my vision of community, the first VooduArt collection is symbolic of my journey of love.



This first collection of wearable art features an image of me, hand-drawn by my love @Yoagee.

I was his muse before we even met & VoodouArt is where his magic was spun and also what brought us together... A blessing that was as mysterious and as magnetic as he was... He touched my heart by communicating the way he does best... through his art.:.


 From Sketchbook to Bamboo

We have curated these pieces based on what we would like to wear while using eco, naturally hypo-allergenic and breathable Bamboo fabric. Hand producing all of our pieces gives us complete control over the entire process, from sourcing to production & we are proud to create ethical pieces.

The running theme through these pieces is simplicity whilst exploring shape, form, and fit.


This is the first collaboration of many to come & I am honored it is with my love. To be a muse is one thing... but to be your lover's muse is just magic... 

Thank you all for supporting my passion projects like this one. I hope my story inspires you to go out and create your own stories! 



I am a creation of your true self, & you of mine... 



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