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Musings Of A Muse...

For years, I have been receiving beautiful artworks inspired by my images, from artists around the world. Most of the artists do not know me personally, but take the time to create these artworks of me.

In a society that has come to see busyness as a badge of honor, these artworks are deeply humbling. This realization is what drives my vision of VoodouArt, as a way of connecting artists internationally and growing together.

Collaboration is a part of our daily lives. We see it all around us and feel it happening inside of us. Components in a cell work together to keep it alive. Atoms cooperate in a simple way, by combining to make up molecules. As humans, we form families, tribes, cities and nations. Like a tribe or cell, the Manaka brand is a living thing... it is organic, delicate and often complex.

I have come to learn that in order to thrive we have to be in touch with others and when we tune into how others see the world, it helps us makes sense of the world around ourselves.

Organically, as this visual log continues to grow, you are welcome to join in this artistic collaborative endeavour.

VoodouArt is an attempt to marry my love for art, with my flair for creating garments & my vision of community


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