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Mother - The First Collection Of Manakee Flats

Every design begins with inspiration and I find it everywhere. Drawing inspiration from my travels around Zimbabwe earlier this year, MOTHER is our first collection of Manakee Flats

A visual mix of dreams and extravagant imagination, this collection shares a poetic dialogue that draws inspiration from my road trip through Zimbabwe. This impactful collection features eclectic designs drawing upon cultural and spiritual themes. From the unique people of Zimbabwe, their fierce history, and their deep spiritual practices. Each of the unique earring designs together makes a complete story & each element pays homage to the creations that have been thoughtfully built around them. 



Zimbabwe has a traditional cloth called Retso. Throughout history, Retso fabric was known as the cloth of the ancestors & was pivotal in evoking the ancestral spirits for guidance. The design of the traditional cloth was inspired by the red serpent that is at the bottom of the sacred Chinhoyi Caves which are located in Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe.

Throughout Zimbabwe, you will notice designs that draw inspiration from pyramids, triangles, zigzag patterns. To me this design symbolizes the design of the red serpent.



shield is a protective covering around an individual to safeguard from external negativities and harm. The spiritual practice of building such an energy field around oneself and strengthening it regularly is called Shielding. Nhovo translates to Shield in English. 

In these turbulent times, there exists a decisive battle between light and dark. The practice of shielding protects us from the influence of dark forces. May you be protected from influences that diverted away from your spiritual growth and evolution.



The single eye in the forehead of man possesses spherical vision. In meditation that vision gradually expands the Symbol of the single vision of Intuition which dawns at the level of Consciousness.


‘’Manakees are a dedication to Statement Jewellery ‘’ Our mission is to ignite bold choices, starting with your badass earrings. The philosophy is simple - embrace your own style, buy things you love, feel the power, and take on the world. Step out in confidence with our beautiful and vibrant ethnic fabric print Manakee flats which are true to Manaka identity. 

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    Mother – The First Collection Of Manakee Flats – Manaka Collection

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