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Weaving Reality Collection

One can find some real treasures in the markets of Indonesia. I know, because I have spent several weeks at a time riding Mini buses & Scooters up and down dust laden, hidden tracks in search of such treasures.

Indonesian prints are full of symbolism and meaning & the patterns I have chosen for the Weaving Reality Collection have great depth, which the natives of Indonesia understand. In fact, the styles are so unique that one can identify which region a person comes from, or their social status just by the print they are wearing.



The name of the collection, Weaving Reality, came out of the fact that the prints used are made up of many different traditional patterns which have different meanings. Below I have broken down the patterns the are in the fabric.



I have kept the strong Indonesian influence, spirit and culture in the final design, however, the garments you will find in the Weaving Reality Collection are made with my own mix of creativity and style. Ultimately my aim was to create a truly unique and eloquent style that can be used for any occasion and a range that has a piece to treasure for people of all shapes.


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