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The Story Of Manaka

"Our mission is to ignite bold choices, starting with your badass earrings. The philosophy is simple – embrace your own style, buy things you love, feel the power and take on the world."


Manaka Collection is an expression of creative designer, Manaka. The brand encompasses all her passions which include Culture, Art, Travel and Sustainability. 

Manaka, which means, “possessing beauty” in the language of the Shona Tribe of Zimbabwe, defines the brand and its essence of inclusion. 

Through unique, non-traditional clothing and jewellery that is timeless, this collection invokes independent creativity and enables you to be the creator of their own style

Manaka handmade pieces are individualistic and timeless, creating a sentimental place in your wardrobe and in your life.

The selection here is always eclectic, sometimes eccentric, but unified by a common aesthetic. 

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